North Brewing Company was established by Christian Townsley and John Gyngell in 2015. It was their dream to brew beer of their own and finally made it happen after years of research.

History of beers:

They initially started with a 15 bbl. brewery. It just had a tap room of capacity 200 people. Seasonal varieties and core ingredients occupied important place in the preliminary stages. Later they started using various ingredients and developed new beers and innovative methods of making beers.
The company has collaborated with the industry like Dry & bitter of Denmark, De Molen of New Zealand, Brewdog, Magic rock, and Lervig 01 of Norway. Within its inception of 2 years it became one of the best beer brewing companies and won international and national acclaim.
Its achievements:

It was awarded Overall Keg Champion beer at the SIBA independent beer awards 2018.

  •  Rate beer awards recognised its services by awarding it Best new brewery in west Yorkshire.
  •  In Best Innovation category it was awarded the best in SIBA business awards in 2018.
  •  It was also awarded the best branding and design at the Beer and Cyder marketing awards 2018.

How to buy products?

A customer is free to purchase beers in any form that they want either directly from internet, shop or from national distributors.

How to subscribe to their commission?

You need to fill in a form or log in with your details online. Fill in the necessary details and submit the form. If the company likes your profile they will revert to you in some time and you can be liable to gain commission from every legal sale that the company makes. This will give you a chance of earning extra money. This is like chain marketing and you can add more customers if they are interested.

Type of service and staff:

Going by online and personal reviews the quality of service is excellent. They hire professional brewers for brewing their beer and guarantee 100% guarantee of the products. Their experienced staff and quality ingredients ensure that only best product is received. In any case the customer is not satisfied, they guarantee exchange of the product within 30 days of purchase.