Brewing is very easy according to northern Brewing Company. It is as easy as making cheese or mac. With simple steps one can easily brew their own beer like a professional.

Here are the basic steps:
Preparing, Brewing, Fermenting and Bottling.


As a first step pick up all equipment- Kettle, Funnel, Sanitizer, Auto-siphon, Funnel, fermenter and recipe kit. Sanitisation is the most important step in this process.


You have to fill the kettle with half length water. While the water is boiling, insert grains in water. Remove grains and allow water flow out of the grain bag and then into the kettle. Take care that you don’t squeeze grain bag which may result in weird flavors to your beer.
Let water come to a boil and let it cool down. Now, add malt extracts and let it not over boil. You need to add hops at regular timings. You can have a look at the recipe book if you have any doubts on when to add hops.

Cool down wort as fast as you can by either putting a chiller in to it.


  • Here you need to sanitize your entire equipment. After that, let cooled wort be poured in to the fermenter.
  • Then pour some more water O bring water level to 5 gallons.
  • Splash the wort in the same kettle which can help supply of oxygen to yeast.
  • Tightly lock the fermenter and store in a dry place. For a good fermentation, the ideal temperature required is 68 degrees.


  • Give a gap of two weeks and bottle the beer.
  • Here cleansing has to be done properly. The bottles, bottling bucket, filler, bottle caps and other stuff.
  • Cool priming sugar after boiling it in 15 oz of water.
  • Take out beer out of your fermenter and out it in to your boiling bucket.
  • Now it is time to fill in bottles. Fix bottle to the hose and then fix the hose to the bucket.
  • Now close the bottles with caps and a capper.

Leave the closed bottles at room temperature for about two weeks. Now your favourite beer is ready to consume!