There are different types of beers available in NBC. Some of them are:

Northern Brewer White House Honey
It is specially formulated with malt and contains strong flavour of biscuits and toffee. The bitterness in the beer is ousted with Honey Ale and brings out the taste of caramel and fruit and English malt and yeast taste. The pure honey which is the main ingredient of this beer allows your body to be light and induces a floral aroma to the beverage.

Obi RonĂ­s Wheat All grain beer recipe kit
This wheat beer gives a refreshing taste with fresh dosage of cut flowers that leave fresh aroma and flavour. You can also feel the mild taste of certain herbs and orangey citrus. You can have a warm feeling on cold winter evenings with this sun calling beverage.

Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy
Tis American style wheat beer is heaped with real crystallised lemon and appears with golden radiance and fluffy foam of lemonade. This is a perfect fit for your hot summers and gives you cooler and fresher feel.

Spiced winter Ale extracts/ speciality grains
This is a seasonal drink available only for 3 months September- December. This is a blended beer with a combination of spices and malty clear base beer. The addition of selected spices gives necessary warmth to the body during winters.

RyePa extract kit/ Speciality grains
This drink is a special combination of fruity/floral notes of Palisade and a spicy flavour of rye malt. It comes in a reddish golden hue and goes well with sharp cheese and quality breads.

Festivus Miracle Holiday Ale All-Grain wheat
This is also a winter special drink. So you will have to hurry to grab a taste of this. It is a combination of orange peel and mild spices that warm the body. Raisin, Caramel and stone fruit are the rare combination which ensure impressive mouth feel with toasty malt.

The Innkeeper extract kit
This drink is a unique combination of spicy, herbal and English biscuits. You can find chewy minerals and clean citrus which give a bitter and dry taste. This beverage has won many awards for its remarkable taste and refreshing feel.

There are many other combos of drinks available according to tastes and seasons. Check out your favourite one now!!