The Northern Brewing Company is a home brewing and wine making supplier established in the year 1993. It was started at a time when there were cord phones and wine coolers were cool. The ultimate motto of the company was to make fellow home brewers make great beer. It started as a small store in America. Gradually it expanded its wings to become the front runner in home brewing and wine making in America. Now it is one of leading America’s Brewing Company.

Best products and service:

When it comes to quality of service and products used, others are only next to them. They ship very fast and do free shipping for orders more than $30. AS far as the ingredients are concerned, they use the best that one can get. So the final product is the best that a customer can expect.

Constant research:

Their brewing team is constantly engaged in making brewing process a healthy and easy way for people. Their innovative ways of brewing make it comfortable and convenient for any novice users making many years of experts experience fruitful.

Experienced team:

The best practices that they follow are the result of years of continuous research of their experienced team. The prolonged industry experience that they possess is not something achieved in short span.
24/7 availability:

The team of Northern Brewing Company is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. They are available in personally, over phone, via email, personally in retail shops, through messages and by all means of communication. So customers can expect any time solution for their problems and queries.

Social move:

Since their agenda is making fellow brewers make better beer they encourage others come to them and brew along with them to teach them new concepts in brewing.

100% satisfaction:

They guarantee 100% guarantee on all the products and services that they deliver. With such experienced professional in hand, there is great possibility of achieving the best products and hence they guarantee 100% satisfaction.


They use high quality equipment in order to ensure that brewing process is modern, easy and less time taking. The use of up-to-date equipment also makes sure the ingredients are used tactfully without losing their natural texture and aroma.